Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Visit from my BFF!

I have two fantastic best friends--one in California, and one in Georgia. Since we're all grown up and responsible now, our visits with one another are getting fewer and further between! But, one of my best friends, my friend Kelley (from L.A.) was sweet enough to swing by for a visit during her vacation last week, and it was so wonderful to see her!

She helped me pack, helped me fold laundry, helped me take a load of boxes over to the new apartment, and entertained Flanna while I got a little work stuff done. What a good friend, huh?

But I promise I didn't just invite her here for free labor! We also had a little bit of fun! We showed her Duke's campus, took her to our favorite museum, played hopscotch and puzzles, danced quite a lot, had some long chats after Flanna went to sleep, and went out to dinner and for frozen yogurt, too!

We told Flannery the story of how we became we bonded over the drudgery of braces and brushing our teeth every day after lunch in 8th grade.

A lot has changed since then. Her mom is gone now. Kelley lives across the country now. She writes screenplays, and I'm old and married and a mama now. We're such different people than those insecure, melodramatic, nerdy middle schoolers brushing our teeth together in the school bathroom.

But some things remain from that time. An understanding of one another's character, maybe. Friendship, definitely. And good dental hygiene habits, most assuredly. :)

How did you meet your best friend(s)?


  1. What would be ever cooler is if you had a pic of you two from 8th grade ;-)


  2. True! I'll have to scan some in sometime! They're super embarrassing, but fun!

  3. OMG that picture of the three of you is PRICELESS and so adorably funny! I love that you guys had a good visit. So sweet!

  4. Thanks, Lisa! We need to get the kiddos together to swim sometime or something!

  5. I didn't do any hard labor! You were waiting on us both hand and foot, and apologizing if I happened to pour my own tea! :-) I hope you are having fun with Jess and Jaci! I know Flanna is! :-)
    Isn't it weird that in both of our minds, our friendship started with braces and not with the Ladies Tea Club the year before? That orthodontist should go into match-making.