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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Be Unhurried: A Lazy Sunday

Flanna's bed head and our cute pup
Today we had a long breakfast with our sweet friends from back home and then saw them off.   And then we had a lazy day at home.  We had all intentions of going to the park, but now it's dinner time and that just didn't happen!  But we had fun!  I read a little poetry.  Flanna put on a Barbie wedding, complete with song performances, and taught herself how to play Minecraft.  And Robi worked a while and now is grilling our dinner.  It was definitely an unhurried day, which is a welcome change and really boosted my happiness!

What about you?  Did you get a chance to "be unhurried" this weekend? 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Celebrate Traditions: Decorating for Fall

Flannery and I decorated for Halloween this weekend.  We put gravestones out in the front yard, and spider webs and some skulls, because Flannery really wants our place to be "spooky" this year!  We added a touch of fall color indoors, too.  And then the very next day, our little dog decided to chew the corners of our orange pillows--bummer!  At least they are from Ikea, so we're not out lots of money.  :)

It was really hot this weekend, so we decorated quickly outside, but it brought back so many memories of celebrating this tradition when Flanna was small.  I remember when she was tiny (maybe one?) and we decorated with pumpkins on the front porch of our green house in Athens, and every time we came in and out of the house, she had to kiss her pumpkins.  Sweet thing!  She has been a little spunky bit of sunshine her whole life.

from her pumpkin patch field trip this week at camp

What fall traditions are you enjoying?