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Friday, December 12, 2014

Do What You Love

I bought myself a journal a few weeks ago that says on the cover, "Do what you love."  I use it to take notes each day at work.  And that message --"Do what you love"--has been a good reminder to me-- to appreciate the meaningful work I get to do each day, and also to stop and do something for myself now and then.

I've even written a few poems (writing gives me such a happiness boost!) in my little journal, in the wee hours of the night when I'm finishing up with work.  It's funny--this one tiny "splurge" on a $6 journal for myself has really brought me happiness--both by helping me feel grateful in the moment and by encouraging me to write more.  Here's a poem I wrote this week called, "On Family."


On Family

My mother saves pictures of us
off of Facebook
and onto her phone.
She likes to look at our recent faces
as she waits on a prescription.
Love across the miles is hard.

I, too, collect tiny bits of family connection.
I listen, alone on my commute,
to songs my family once sang on car trips.
I frame bits of lace
made by a great grandmother
and hang them on the wall.
I point out to my husband,
at a school play,
how my daughter's jaw, eyes,
are so like my sister,
and smile.
I stand at the kitchen counter
and rub a well-worn cookie recipe
in my mother's handwriting,
as if it were her own dear cheek.

We are a tribe fractured.
Hunting and gathering remnants,
of a life we meant to have together.


Do you regularly get to "Do what you love?"  And if not, how can you work toward that bit by bit?