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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What The Speechie Wore Wednesday

I'm pretty sure everything in this whole outfit is from Target! (except the dog)
It's been a whirlwind here the past few months!  So much work to be done, so much fun to be had!  We had a wonderful visit from my mom around Easter time, and we loved getting to show her around.

Annnyway…I took a few pics of myself in the last week.  I'm still trying to add some color to my outfits, and it's been fun!  Check it out!

Just got this necklace from Target -- it's normally long, but I doubled it here. 
new espadrilles for summer!

extreme close up of my pale skin.  :)  

wearing my ginkgo earrings my hubby gave me from Aurum in Athens, GA

long bronze finish necklace from Target

bright sun washed this pic out, but the dress is from Old Navy

The belt is Old Navy, too. 

lime green accents on this oldie but goodie dress from Target

The dress is from Old Navy, and the pearl/silver necklace is Lia Sophia--fun!

I have to admit this dress was only 97 cents!  Old Navy had a sale,
and everything that ended in a .97 price was only 97 cents!
I would've happily paid the regular $14.97 for this, but what a nice deal!
I promise I don't start the day with my hair up--but I pretty much end
every day with my hair up!  Guess I should take pics earlier in the day, hah!

floral button-down  top from a thrift store, and grey capris from my mom

Flanna took these of me--trying out her skip rope  :)  It's hard!

So there you have it-- a few extra dabs of color and a little more attention to accessories has made it fun to get ready for work in the mornings!  

What about you?  What outfit makes you feel good?