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Monday, March 25, 2013

Community Garden Fun

Today after therapy, Flanna and I went to the Oakhurst community garden.  It's one of our favorite spots these days.  There are chickens to visit, a little cob house to play in, a sandbox, a playground, and even some fairy circles.  Flanna didn't want to leave, but it started to get really cold.  I'm glad we left in time--it started snowing (just flurries)  after dinner tonight, yikes!

When we got home, we ate dinner and played Hullabaloo, then bath, books, snuggle time, and bed.  And now I'm going to read a new book I got from the library just for me...ahhh, a little relaxation, hooray!

how the cob house was built --so interesting!

giving the chickens a little leafy greens

inside the cob house --notice the bottles built into the walls that let in light

little special designs to discover in every nook of the cob house

Flanna doing some hard work

FAQs about Cob houses.  Love this.  

What spot in your neighborhood do you love to visit? 

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Flannery had her first soccer game today.  She even dressed her American Girl doll up for the occasion!  It was such a lovely day, and she really worked hard to stay with the ball!  We were very proud.   Afterward, we went downtown and had lunch on the patio of a new sandwich shop.  It was so nice to be outside for so much of the day!