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Friday, November 4, 2011

Forget not the Beauty of the In-Between

One of my favorite songs is Deb Talan's "The Gladdest Thing" (based on Edna St. Vincent Millay's poem, Afternoon on a Hill), and one of the best lines in that song is:

"I want to be champion of evening, to forget not the beauty of the in-between." 

I think of this line a lot when I'm feeling discouraged about my progress toward a goal.  I so often get caught up in my dreams of what the future will bring for us--a tenure-track job for my hubby, a new baby at some point (not anytime soon--don't want to excite the grandparents just yet!), our home decorated just like I want it, a bigger house, a comfortable savings account and no debt, well-trained dogs that don't bark like maniacs every time someone comes to the door, maybe a book I will write one day--that I forget to "enjoy the beauty of the in-between."

Even now, here, in this moment, I should be enjoying the beauty of our "in-between."

As I sit in my quiet, cozy, (messy!) living room in our little rental house, as my daughter sleeps upstairs (after praying so earnestly for a little sister before bed!), as my husband's job applications float out into the world full of hope and potential (and not a little anxiety!), as we live this comfortable life (even though our savings have dwindled to a pittance after the gazillion doctor's visits we've had this month!)--I can either focus on how far we are falling short of our ultimate goals--or I can look for the beauty here in the in-between.

I tried to explain this to Flannery the other day, the idea of the "in-between."  She was saying that she really wanted her bangs to grow out so that she could look just like her cousin.  And I told her that her bangs were growing really quickly, and that I really liked them this length because we could sweep them over to the side, and they looked cute and breezy.  I told her that once they had actually grown all the way out, that would be cute, too, but that the little wisps along the way were just beautiful.

I don't think she believed me.  But really, the in-between is beautiful on her.  Don't you agree?

Forget not the beauty of the in-between.  There really are things to love about the time we spend on the path to our ultimate goals.  Now if I could just remember this great truth more often than twice a year!

How are you enjoying the "in-between" in your life?

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  1. What a great post! I was looking for interview tips and came across your blog. I loved this post. This is something I realized yesterday. I decided I was not going to be anxious and worked up during the time that I wait to be hired. I am going to enjoy this time because it will soon be gone. Your post fell right in line with my thinking. Thank you!