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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun at the Fair

Oh, my!  I'm getting old!  I got so dizzy from the little rides we rode at the fair during our spring break!  I used to be able to ride all of the roller coasters with no problem!  But we had fun, anyway!

Are you still able to ride roller coasters without consequence?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Be the Memory Keeper

I'm sure I drive my family crazy making them pose for pictures, but I am so happy that I got some of these cute photos during one of our walks to the beach during sunset.  I think I need to print a few of these on giant canvases!

my sweet parents

How do you preserve your happy memories?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Mini Garden Tour

blooming aloe plants!
My mom has such a green thumb.  She doesn't even realize it, but she's gifted at growing things.  Here are a few peeks into her back yard at the beach.  I didn't even know that aloe plants flower, but aren't they beautiful?

aloe, from above

my favorite, an early aloe bloom

bottlebrush tree in bloom

aloe flowers

this dwarf red maple sprouted a regular maple from the same roots--crazy!

river rock paths.  The girls love trying to balance along the edges of the path.  

What are you planting this spring?

The Super Best Egg Hunter in the Land

Flannery won the egg hunt by finding the most eggs during our family egg hunt with Robi's dad's side of the family.  She was so proud of herself!  She found 52 eggs, whew!

Flanna's cute cousins

running through sprinklers before the egg hunt

hunting in the back yard at Flanna's great grandmother Nana's house

cousins with their baskets

What have you accomplished lately that brings you pride?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Create Some Magic

We had a few rainy days during our spring break, and so we brought out the bubbles.  The humidity made the bubbles last longer than normal, and it was really magical to watch them float through the yard.

We also tried out the new "colorful" bubbles, but they were awful!  Way too much dye!  They stained hands, feet, clothes, sidewalks, and even plants and rocks they landed on.  A definite fail!

I love this one!

too sweet!!!

What's your favorite "magical" simple kid toy?

Egg Decorating at the Beach

Even though we were at the beach, we still wanted to give the girls a chance to keep the Easter tradition of egg dyeing alive.  My parents' house at the beach is just too beautiful to take a chance at spilling egg dye inside it, so we let the kiddos dye eggs in the garage during spring break.  Doesn't it seem so "hollywood" to dye eggs with palm trees in the background?

What Easter tradition do you try to keep?

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Two of them, in fact.

My very favorite children in all the world, in fact.

They were so funny spending all of spring break together.  Fighting like sisters, then laughing like best friends, then arguing, then giggling.  And when we got home from the beach and had to go our separate ways, the poor sweet cousins hugged and didn't want to let go of one another.  Super sweet.

We brought their cameras to see the sun set.  

I could just eat her up with those sweet curls. 

being silly is much more fun than posing

What beach do you love to visit?

Hippity Hoppity

We celebrated Western Easter with my sister and niece at their church before our Spring Break (our Orthodox Easter isn't until next weekend), and the girls wore their cute matching dresses.  As we were taking photos before church, we saw an amazing grasshopper--it was so huge!

After church, the girls hunted eggs and got SO many!  And Flanna was thrilled to get to see the "Real!" Easter Bunny.  It was such a hot day for an egg hunt!  You just never know in the south--will it be freezing or burning up on Easter?  I kept ushering the kiddos into the shade because I hadn't thought ahead to bring sunscreen.  I know, I'm such a worrier!  But I didn't want them to get a sunburn right before our beach trip!  (Oh, and Speaking of beach trip...I'll post Spring Break pics soon!)

How have you celebrated Easter this year?