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Monday, October 23, 2017

Maybe It's a Gift?

Cutest TimeHop photo, that I never would've
discovered if it weren't for waking up early.  
I had the flu last week.  It was awful.

I'm so glad to be feeling better now, finally!

The worst part of feeling icky last week was the fact that I had trouble resting and sleeping, because of a steroid shot and the Tamiflu I took.  Apparently, insomnia is a possible side effect for both.  So, I tried to rest, but wasn't really able to, which I think slowed down my recovery.

I would find myself waking up much earlier than normal, unable to fall back asleep.   Which drove me crazy. I would lie there in the early early mornings in the dark, and try to close my eyes and get back to sleep, and be so frustrated!

But then, this weekend, I thought, "Maybe this is a gift?" This peaceful time to be awake, to be still and calm, while everyone else is asleep, when the sun isn't out yet, and the world is quiet.  Maybe it's a gift?

When I thought of it that way, it did seem special, much less frustrating, and like a magical, quiet moment for me to reflect on the day to come.  I started to use that time to look at my TimeHop, or "On this Day" memories in Facebook, and to try to take a bigger view of my life as I started my day.

Nothing truly changed, but when I reframed that insomia in my mind, it made me less anxious about it, less worried that it would happen again, and less frustrated that I was awake before I really needed to be.  And feeling less stressed was a gift.

What can you reframe this week?  What is frustrating you a bit, that just might be a gift in disguise?