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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treating!

The Greatest American Hero, Me as a Hodge Podge
Witch, and our little Fairy Princess
This year, we trick or treated with a little group of kindergarten girls from Flanna's school and their families.  The girls were so cute!  We kept it short and sweet, going for about an hour from house to house, and it was great fun!  Flanna was a fairy princess, and her friends were the Statue of Liberty, Word Girl, and a My Little Pony.  :)

We came back after trick or treating to pass out candy at our house, but I was so surprised that this year, we didn't have as many trick or treaters as last year.   I had prepared for tons of trick or treaters, so we have so much candy left over!   If anyone needs a sweet fix, come to my house!  

Waiting for trick or treaters -- I think we had 10 or 11 total!  :(

What was your favorite part of Halloween as a kid?

Share Family Traditions

Sharing in family traditions brings our family a lot of happiness.  Flanna and I have carved pumpkins every year of her life so far, and it's a tradition I really love.  Flanna, on the other hand, does not like getting yucky and didn't want to touch the seeds or "gunky stuff" in the pumpkin this year at all!  (Her dad is the same way!)  Anyway, I let her participate by drawing a plan for each jack-o-lantern on paper, then transferring it to the pumpkins, and I even let her cut a few of the noses and eyes out (with intense supervision of course!!).

I tried to roast our seeds with cinnamon/sugar, but they got a little burned.  Next year, I think I'll do them in smaller batches in case one of them gets overdone!

Anyway, I think our jack-o-lanterns turned out pretty cute this year!  What fun!

What fall traditions will you share in this year?

Adoption is Beautiful

Our good friends Robbie and Sarah are adopting twins soon!  Their boys should be home by Christmas if all goes as planned, and we pray it all does!  We are so happy for them, and got to celebrate them a bit on Sunday at their adoption shower.  Flanna came with us, and really enjoyed getting to see photos of the boys and some of the cool toys they got.  We can't wait to meet them!

Flanna took this pic of Sarah and Robbie

daddy-o and Flanna at the shower

How has adoption touched your life? 

Trunk or Treat!

Flanna's little cousins invited her to a "Trunk or Treat" last weekend, and because it was spur of the moment, we didn't have a costume with us.  But my cousin Sandy let Flanna borrow a cute Strawberry Shortcake outfit, which was so sweet!  Flanna always has a great time with her cousins!

Do you get to see your cousins very often?  What good memories do you have with them?