Thursday, November 1, 2012

Share Family Traditions

Sharing in family traditions brings our family a lot of happiness.  Flanna and I have carved pumpkins every year of her life so far, and it's a tradition I really love.  Flanna, on the other hand, does not like getting yucky and didn't want to touch the seeds or "gunky stuff" in the pumpkin this year at all!  (Her dad is the same way!)  Anyway, I let her participate by drawing a plan for each jack-o-lantern on paper, then transferring it to the pumpkins, and I even let her cut a few of the noses and eyes out (with intense supervision of course!!).

I tried to roast our seeds with cinnamon/sugar, but they got a little burned.  Next year, I think I'll do them in smaller batches in case one of them gets overdone!

Anyway, I think our jack-o-lanterns turned out pretty cute this year!  What fun!

What fall traditions will you share in this year?

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