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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Field Trip

Flanna's kindergarten class took a field trip to downtown Decatur to observe and document their community, and I was lucky enough to get to join them!  (Have I mentioned how wonderful my boss is at allowing for work/family balance?  Super. Amazing.)  We walked from the school to downtown, and the kiddos recorded information at each location in their "All About Me & My Community" books along the way.  The kids really seemed to enjoy learning more about the places we see every day but never take the time to explore.  It was like being a tourist in our own town.  And now, every time we drive by the Decatur Square, Flanna points out the statues and symbols she sees.  Too cute.

We met the former mayor, and she spoke about the statue dedicated to her.

We stopped at Cakes & Ale to document what a baker does,
and got to try some lemon pound cake, too!

Taking a snack break at the gazebo. 

Have you ever made a point to "be a tourist" in your neighborhood?  What monuments or landmarks do you love where you live?

Mother-Daughter Camping Trip

Boy, where has the time gone?  October has flown by, and we've done so many wonderful things--but alas, the photos of our great adventures sit in my camera still!  One day, maybe when we have Thanksgiving break or something, I'll get around to posting all the best ones!

Annnyway, last weekend, my sister and some friends and I took the girlies camping for a "mother/daughter" camping weekend.  It was great fun!  We canoed and crafted and made s'mores, and layered on 4 pairs of socks to stay warm in the night!   Flannery told me afterward that she wished camping could've lasted forever, and I know just how she felt.

The girls found persimmon trees, and picked some,
but they all declared the persimmons "too sweet and too sticky."

What fall tradition are you enjoying?  We love to camp in October, although it's always colder at night than we think it will be!