Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hippity Hoppity

We celebrated Western Easter with my sister and niece at their church before our Spring Break (our Orthodox Easter isn't until next weekend), and the girls wore their cute matching dresses.  As we were taking photos before church, we saw an amazing grasshopper--it was so huge!

After church, the girls hunted eggs and got SO many!  And Flanna was thrilled to get to see the "Real!" Easter Bunny.  It was such a hot day for an egg hunt!  You just never know in the south--will it be freezing or burning up on Easter?  I kept ushering the kiddos into the shade because I hadn't thought ahead to bring sunscreen.  I know, I'm such a worrier!  But I didn't want them to get a sunburn right before our beach trip!  (Oh, and Speaking of beach trip...I'll post Spring Break pics soon!)

How have you celebrated Easter this year?

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