Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Be the Memory Keeper

5 years and 1 day old!
One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to flip through fashion and architecture magazines just looking at photos of beautiful and interesting things.  I found it so relaxing and calming to just take in the visual information, without the words.  Which is strange to me, given that I love reading and writing.

Anyway, I was thinking recently that maybe that's why I love photo albums so much.  My husband teases me that I'm old school because I still print pictures and put them in albums.  But I love that I can flip through them whenever I want to look back on different parts of our life.  I know I could do the same with my iPhoto library on my computer, but there's something calming and soothing about flipping pages sometimes, and I'm much more likely to share photos with Flannery if they're in an album.  Sometimes we even "read" photo albums as her bed-time books.

It really makes me happy to be the memory keeper for our family.  Be it on this blog, or in printed pictures, I love to have a visual record of the beautiful moments in our life.

How do you preserve photos and memories for your family?

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