Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Small Family Gathering

Suddenly became huge!  Luckily my sweet in-laws volunteered to host Flanna's birthday party at their home, because we never would've been able to fit all these cousins at our place!  We were lucky that so many of our family members were visiting from out of town, and we got to see everyone in one fell swoop at Flannery's party.

It was a really wonderful day.  The kids played and laughed; the adults chatted and caught up with one another; the food was plentiful; and the weather even cooperated.  Flannery decided to wear her Belle dress to the "Princess Party," and I think she felt festive and beautiful (which she was!).

I'm so thankful to my in-laws and to all my family for making the day such fun for her.

Her favorite part of the day, I think, was blowing up the balloons to decorate for the party.  She was so proud of herself for being able to do that all by herself.  My favorite part was when she walked into the kitchen after I'd hung streamers, and gasped in delight!  So sweet!

centerpieces and favors all in one

the princess cake and cupcakes

Flannery and I made the cake, and her Grammie made the cupcakes...yum!

our homemade pinata was not long for the world

the cousins collecting pinata booty


opening gifts

the five year old beauty

What was your favorite birthday party from when you were a kid?  I used to love sleepovers the best.   Also, my surprise 16th birthday party was great fun.   

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  1. It was a wonderful party. Seeing everyone all together is somehow magical. And Flannery did look lovely! I love that child's zest for life! She's amazing!