Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Create Something With Your Hands

It brings me great happiness to create a finished product, to work with my hands, and to make something complete and useful.  So, it was kind of a joy to put together this swing-set for Flannery for her birthday. My hubby was the real mastermind for getting it to be sturdy and safe (with ground anchors and such) and figuring out the word-less instructions when my brain wouldn't process them.   It was fun to work together to create something for our sweet kiddo.  

When Flannery got home from her Grandparents' and saw it in the backyard, she ran right past me (waiting with my arms open for a welcome home hug), and jumped onto a swing!  I guess that means the swing-set was a hit!   And she and her cousin played and played outside on it for hours last weekend, which was really cute to watch.  They are now pretty much gymnasts--balancing and hanging from every bar or handle they possibly could.

Do you get joy from creating things with your hands, as well?  Or is it just me?

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