Saturday, December 3, 2011

Force Yourself to Take a Group Photo

You'll be glad you did.

Nothing's more fun than looking back on geeky group photos of yourself and all your friends/family from different eras.  For instance, I remember a wonderful group photo of me and my closest girlfriends from middle school all sitting around in windbreaker outfits.  (What were those outfits called?)  I think we all have braces and are growing our bangs out at the same time.  Seriously, I love that group photo.  (One day, I'll take the time to scan it in, so you can see it in all its preteen glory.)

Annnyway.  Here are some cute group photos I forced my family to take over the holiday.  They'll thank me one day.  I'm sure of it.

What group photo do you just love of your friends or family?

Ohh, by the way, I heard this line today on "Eloise's Christmas," (a cute kids' special).  It said, "Traditions are gifts you give yourself." (or something like that.)  I totally agree!

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