Thursday, December 8, 2011

Embrace the Things you Enjoy

My daughter loves princesses.  She loves dress up, and wedding day Barbies, and horses with sparkly saddles, and ballet tutus, and just generally anything frilly and fancy.

So, when she got this beautiful Belle gown (from Beauty and the Beast) in the mail for her birthday (thanks to her sweet Aunt Kelley!), you can imagine her reaction.  As in, she wanted to wear it exclusively for the following 3 days.  And she wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast immediately (while in her dress with her Belle barbie doll.)  And she wanted to sing all the songs from Beauty and the Beast over and over and over, and over.

And I embraced it, remembering how I used to love Disney movies and dress up and getting lost in a good story.  So, I dug out the Beauty and the Beast movie, and (since my hubby was watching some soccer or football game) let her watch it in our bedroom on the travel DVD player.  Along with the Belle barbie I managed to find at the bottom of her Barbie basket.  She was in heaven.  And the next day, I let her wear her princess dress to her grandparents' house.  And she really just couldn't stop glowing.

It got me thinking, that when we embrace what we love, when we know what makes us happy and then do just that, it's easy to glow.

So, I had been reading the Hunger Games.  I had finished the first book, and loved it soooo much!  And I was trying to pace myself before reading the next two.  But then, I realized, if I love reading this trilogy, and it makes me happy to read this trilogy, then why wait?  So I got the next two books via my Kindle app and spent a blissful few days reading every chance I got.    Now, I've finished the books, but I have such happy anticipation of the movie (coming out in March, I think?).  When I hear anything about the Hunger Games, my face just lights up...I believe I glow!

So, embrace the things you enjoy.  It might just make you an easier person to be around.  I mean, who doesn't like hanging out with glowing girls?

What do you most enjoy doing?  Do you allow yourself to take the time to do just that now and then?  

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  1. I'm with you on the Hunger Games... I did the exact same thing!