Sunday, December 18, 2011

Observe a Tradition

I took my daughter and niece, along with both grandmothers, to my hometown's little annual Christmas parade recently.  We got there really early and got a wonderful seat, so the girls really got to see each float up close.  We brought cocoa and blankets, and had such fun.  It brought back many memories for me... of clogging down that same road to the tune of Christmas songs, or playing the trumpet in the marching band with tiny pieces of Christma music clipped to the marching stand atop my trumpet, or riding on high school floats in many many parades on that same road.   How sweet to share some of the fun and magic with the girls.  And it was made even more special in that both grandmothers could enjoy it with us.

Are you a parade person, or would you rather observe other holiday traditions that are less freezing?  

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  1. Jeff says you're going to have to pay him royalties for using Ward Drug in that shot. Just kidding, but it was funny for me to recognize the "For Rent" sign with his home phone number on it! Next time, tell me, and y'all can go to the upstairs windows of the furniture store for an aerial view! Oh, and walls from the wind, if not heat.