Saturday, November 5, 2011

80 Years Young!

Robi's grandmother "Mema" turned 80 last month, and we celebrated her birthday together today.  We all came to her house a little early to help get some little projects done for her.  We put pinestraw out in her flower beds, planted some pansies for  her, and my brother-in-law fixed a wind-chime for her.  It was a nice relaxing evening all together with the family and a few of her neighbors.  Flannery has so much fun with Mema, and I'm so thankful that they've developed such a sweet bond.

I hope one day when I'm 80, I'll be as full of life and joy, and as loved by my family and friends, as Mema is.

they are so cute together

with her daughters

with her grandchildren

How can you make the day special for someone in your life soon?


  1. Glad that I was able to know about this blog that you have. I am not familiar with blogs at this writing. Will have to investigate this at a later date and time. Thanks TJ.

  2. I wrote a comment, but don't know where it went. Will try later to see what happened.