Thursday, July 8, 2010

Attend to Little Things

I've been reading up on attention today. Doing a little studying about ADHD for some continuing education. And it's helped me focus a little bit on something I couldn't quite figure out--why this blog has meant so much to me.

I mean, it's just a blog.

It's not a friend, not a vacation, not really even a hobby.

But somehow it's helped me to focus my attention on the little things in my life. To attend to tiny moments that would otherwise fly by and not be remembered or told. Something about blogging makes me be a better observer of my own life.

Which has made me much happier.

Although right now, for some reason, I'm a bit blue. Maybe it's my anticipation of moving soon. Although it's just across the street, I feel guilty about the changes we make so often to Flanna's life. Or maybe it's because every time I visit family, I get a glimpse of the wonder it might be to live near them and to truly be a part of their life, rather than just visiting here and there.

That's the scary part of paying attention. You get to notice happy stuff, and you also get to notice areas where your life just isn't measuring up. But hopefully that leads to action, and change for the good. Or at least contemplation of action.

Annnyway.... here are some of the little things that I actually (miracle of all miracles!) paid attention to last week, and was lucky enough to be able to document with my camera, as well!

Flanna and I took a walk to the creek, and picked some Queen Anne's lace and Zinnias for Grammie's table.

My friend Lauren got married, and her "something blue" was her shoes!

My hubby was all debonair for the wedding, and our friends who are getting married in October helped me experience the wedding with fresh eyes...I remember the excitement and giddy energy!

Flannery wearing the medal her uncle Chris gave to her. She didn't want to take it off.

the dogs enjoying some attention, and a toad we found near Poppa & Grammie's porch. He was big!

the way the sun hit the bounty from the garden

What helps you truly attend to little things in your life? Do you keep a journal, photograph, scrapbook? What about your life, if you pay close attention, do you wish you could change a bit?


  1. I am too tired to talk about what I pay attention to and want to change in my life, its late would take up all your available blog space! I will tell you this, I love reading your blog maybe just as much as you love to write it.
    Don't stop yet, there is much to cover this year...and if we can change just one or two things about being sooooo damn far apart it will be worth it! Oh, how I miss you all and just ache to know my grand children more than just for the few days a year I have now. See you in August...I cannot wait! Focus on Austin, maybe it will come to fruition!

  2. Thanks for commenting, mom! I can't wait to see you soon!