Sunday, July 4, 2010

Grow a Little Bit

One of the biggest things that makes me happier is to grow in some way each day. And right now, I'm really trying to grow by: a) learning Spanish, and b) learning to garden.

This weekend, we visited my in-laws, and, as promised, I took some neat photos of their amazing garden. It made me realize I have SOOO much to learn! Very inspiring!

Here are some of the little gems we found in the garden:

What would you like to learn from your parents or mentors in your life? There are so many things I never asked my grandmother about before she passed away (about her life and family, and just her take on things), and I think about that a lot. I hope we can learn as much from my parents, and Robi's parents and grandparents, as we can while we have time together.


  1. What you got from your grandmother you can never set to words TJ, her tender grace lives in your every are so like her!