Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tackle a Project

We've been very productive this weekend! We got the keys to our new apartment last week, and this weekend, I put shelf paper in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, hung curtains in a few rooms, and we moved most of our books into a built-in bookshelf at the new place. It feels nice to get something accomplished, even if it is just little things bit by bit.

We made Flannery a little secret "clubhouse" in her new bedroom closet, which she has been enjoying while we work at the new place. She just loves tiny "secret" places all her own! She also built a little fort out of boxes, but I didn't get a photo of that. And there's a photo of her with her new Barbie (her first one!), riding it around in a makeshift car we made out of one of her skates.

What projects, if tackled, will bring you happiness?


  1. Are those photo albums?? Did you decorate them or buy a bunch the same??

  2. Yeah, those are photo albums. I bought about 4 when I was pregnant, to be Flannery's photo albums, and then Target discontinued them, so I got a gazillion on clearance. I only have 2 more empty ones, and then the rest of her life will just have to be documented in a new style. :(