Saturday, July 31, 2010

Splash in Puddles

Today, Flannery and I took a walk in the rain from our new apartment to Brightleaf, a cute little area with shops and restaurants in our neighborhood. Flannery wore her rainboots, and made sure to splash in every puddle on our way. We took time to stop and look at the rocks and flowers and trees on our way, too. It was just lovely to be able to be outside for a while! it's been so hot here that walking in the rain was a welcome change!

We went to dinner at a sushi restaurant, where we sat on the floor on little mats and ate on a low table. Flannery tried her hand at chopsticks, and ate her weight in miso soup and edamame. She even tried the seaweed in it, and kept calling it "algae," which made us both giggle.

What do you stop and notice when you get yourself outside a bit?

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