Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Appreciate Friends

Our good friend Christopher is moving back to Georgia this week. Now that he's done with grad school, he's moving on to bigger and better things. Like marriage! Yay!

We took him out for a goodbye lunch after church on Sunday. We're really going to miss him! It's been so nice to have an "old" friend around here. I think people who know you in many contexts just understand you more easily.

Please say some prayers for Christopher, too, if you pray. He's looking for jobs in the Atlanta area (He does political administration/government work), and job searching right now is no easy business. But he's a catch, so I'm sure he'll find something good in time!

And the best part is that we'll see him again soon...Flanna's going to be a flower girl in his wedding in the fall. We can't wait!

Who in your life knows and loves you in lots of contexts? Call, e-mail, text, or snail mail them to let them know they're on your mind today!

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