Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Family Rules, Take 2

A while back, I wrote a post about My Family Rules. These are rules that I think my family should live by. I've been thinking about them off and on since then, and I've decided to change a few. Here were the old rules I had listed:

Family Rules
1. We're on the same team.
2. Be respectful.
3. Say “I love you” often.
4. Share.
5. Notice little moments.
6. Pray.
7. Encourage one another.
8. Be lighthearted.
9. Work hard; keep trying.
10. Breathe deeply.
11. Say “thank you” every day.
12. Respond with a blessing.

And here's the new list. I wanted to make it only 10. I mean, if God can give us all the commandments we need to follow so as not to sin in only 10 bullet points, I don't think I should try to out-do that.

Family Rules:
1. Remember we're on the same team.
2. Pray without ceasing.
3. We give our guest our best.
4. Say "thank you" every day.
5. Respond with a blessing.
6. Work hard; keep trying.
7. Know one anothers' battles, and encourage one another.
8. Say "I love you," often.
9. Breathe deeply and forgive.
10. Tread lightly, laugh strongly.

What do you think? Anything you would add or take out from the new list? Which rules are your favorites? Which ones are too cheesy?

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  1. Can I steal this idea?? Love it..have you made one of those cutesey things in the pic?

    I love give our guest our best...