Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My life in Pictures

You've probably noticed that I've been sporadic about posting this week. So sorry!

I'm super exhausted from trying to cram too much work and fun into summer days and staying up late every night (even though I keep trying to get to bed earlier!) AND, we get the keys to our new apartment tomorrow! Yikes! Which means I have got to get my rear in gear and get packing!

The good news is that I'm on vacaaaation next week! It'll be a stay-cation, which I'm very excited about. (Can you say pajamas all day? And kiddie pool lounging?) AND, my BFF from 8th grade and high school and college and the year I lived in Boston is coming for a visit! (That's right, those are all the same person...a remarkably wonderful person who hopefully will let me at least get one photo of her with Flanna that I can post to document our fun time together!)

Anyway, here are some great photos from a fun trip to the museum today. I took Flannery and her best friend, and we met my friend and her 3 kiddos there. The kids were amazingly well behaved, and I even got a few shots of all of them together! It was a wonderful day. And now I'm pooped!

Flannery trying to pull the "bubble" pump up...check out those muscles!

I love silly face photos!

The interactive shadow wall...this is so much cooler in person!

Aren't those just the cutest? And now to is it already 11?

How do you get yourself to bed on time?


  1. I have been reading to put myself to sleep lately because, yes, I have trouble falling asleep too. Problem is that a good book will keep me up! Boo!

    And I'm interested in your definition of BFF. Seems like it's out-of-sight, out-of-mind! Therefore, I'm going to have to move closer. Just find me one of those Duke boys to marry, and we'll be set!

  2. I read tonight to help myself get tired. And now it's 11:24 again! But the book was really good, so I don't regret it. Maybe I will tomorrow, but oh well!

    And hah, you were my BFF ever since 8th grade girlie! I just think it's neat how our lives connected at so many different points along the way, too! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect boy for you! A Southern gentleman with a steel wit and a strong personality is just kinda hard to find at the park these days. :)

    So looking forward to seeing you!

  3. These pictures are seriously precious!! We had such a great time with you guys and can't WAIT to hang with you again! :) Maybe Goodberry's again? :)

  4. Thanks, Lisa! We had fun, too!! And yes, Goodberry's sounds great! Gotta try some fancy flavors next time!

  5. I'd settle for a lap dog, if that makes it easier. An employed one. :-)