Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Funny Flanna Quotes

We've been insanely busy this past week with our gradual move from one apartment to another. We just moved across the street, but it's been a huge production! Anyway, somehow, amidst the craziness, I was able to jot down a few cute things I heard Flannery say. Here are the hits:

While skating precariously: "Don't worry, mom. I can do it. I'm almost four."

After a tantrum: "Sometimes I scream, and sometimes I don't."

Helping me put together a bookcase: "I'm a good carpenter. Just like granddad." (She really was good at it!)

Pretending to vacuum: "I'm helping to vacuum, because there sure is a lot of bunny dust in here!" (dustbunnies?)

When I told her I would cry when she turns 4: "Don't worry mom, I'll still be a part of this family!"

After Robi said his tummy was full after dinner: "But Dad, only girls can have babies in their tummy."

After we prayed for weeks in a row for and then celebrated our friends' newly adopted baby: "Did you guys adopt me, too?"

There were a thousand more cute quotes that I didn't immediately write down this week, so sadly, those bits of comic gold are history. If I've discovered anything during this week-long move, it's that my memory is completely nil when things are topsy turvy.

What funny things did you notice this week?

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