Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Show Up

"Eighty percent of success is showing up."
--Woody Allen

So I think I have a little cold. Sore throat. A little cough. Tired. But no fever.

Since I work with preschoolers, I'm usually pretty cautious about going to work when I'm sick. And I seriously thought about calling in sick and sleeping the day away today.

But I pushed through since I didn't have a fever, and after a few minutes at work, I was feeling okay. Invigorated, even. I worked extra hard to make a connection with my sweet clients, and got some really nice progress today!

And then, after work, I had the afternoon off with my daughter. We invited a friend of hers over and had a very relaxing day of mani/pedis and artwork at home and playing at the park. And while the girls played a bit at home, I made my favorite ever easy peasy homemade pasta sauce for dinner.

I got to experience all this wonderful stuff today, because I made a conscious choice to "show up," rather than calling in sick. I could've cancelled therapy sessions and not had the reward of the excellent progress I got to see today. I could've cancelled Flannery's playdate and not had the reward of watching the cutest kids ever play at the park.

But, instead, I showed up. And, boy, am I glad I did.

Do you think it's true that "80% of success is [just] showing up?" What have you "shown up" for that made a difference for you?


  1. Those are adorable artists!
    Get out the garlic again! Around here, people keep thinking it's just a cold and then it's suddenly much worse and they find out it's strep. Like, most of the people I know have strep right now, or just got over it. We've got a cold too, and we're starting the raw garlic tomorrow. I've killed strep with it in the past, so I'm hoping it'll give our immune systems a boost. We need it, because we've got weekend plans.
    And to answer your thought provoking question - you know, with homeschooling, it's easy to not "show up." Sure, we're here, but are we productive? Days like today, were not a success. Sure, I planned a disney vacation for 11 in 4 hours, and worked on planning a Cub Scout event for this weekend, but no schooling got done and I spent far too much time snapping at the kids who probably just needed me to "show up." Other days, like this past Monday, I make the conscious decision in the morning that we will accomplish the things on my list, and i start working on them first thing, and we end the day feeling accomplished and satisfied. Whether you're going somewhere or "showing up" in your own home, making the effort to be an active participant in your day, rather than letting your day happen to you, makes all the difference. (I need to put that on a big poster on my wall!)

  2. These pictures are great. Thanks for posting them. My grand daughter is just so adorable. I wish I was there with her to "show up" cause I sure would!

  3. Thanks! I agree that a lot of my happiness comes from being an active participant in my day (and life!) and not just letting life happen to me. And wow, I'm so jealous of your upcoming Disney vacation! Hope you're all feeling better fast!

  4. Oh, and mom, I agree, and I really wish you were here, too!

  5. That's a lovely post. Also, your daughter is about the cutest thing ever. I love seeing how both you and your husband show up in her.

  6. Thanks, Sally! And thanks for seeing a little of me in Flanna...usually people just think she looks exactly like Robi! :) But sometimes I think she looks like my sister, so I guess there must be a little resemblance! :)