Friday, May 28, 2010

Deal with Disappointment

So it's raining. And pouring. And thunder storming. And the old man is snoring. And my camping trip is looking less and less likely to be a hit.

Or to even happen, for that matter.

Can you sense the disappointment in my "voice?"

There have been a gazillion other little disappointments this week, too. And some big ones.

Namely, that our "couple BFF"s (I'm too tired to explain what that is, but other folks who've been married as long as I have might get it) thought they were adopting this week, and then it fell through.

Somehow the other little disappointments don't even seem worth mentioning after that one.

But my amazing friends, they're dealing with it. Beautifully. With strength. With grace and love. With compassion and true care for everyone involved in the situation.

Unlike me, who just wants to sit silently on my couch eating chocolate chip cookies for the next 5 years, thinking about how life just isn't fair. Which it really and truly isn't sometimes.

So, how can we deal with the pretty miniscule disappointment of a possibly to-be-cancelled camping trip? I'm thinking a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese might be on the menu. (By the way, that's Flanna on the "Chucka-Cheese" stage, as she calls it.) It's scary the things we do for our kids.

For now, though, it's back to listening to the rain and maybe having just one more chocolate chip cookie before bed. Seriously, they really do ease the mind.

How do you deal with disappointment? I obviously need some better ideas!

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