Saturday, May 8, 2010

Be Bold

"When in doubt, wear red."
--Bill Blass

This week, as part of my happiness project, I've been trying to be bold and ask for what I want more often. And it really has made me happier! (Uncomfortable at times, too, but hopefully it'll start coming more naturally after a while!)

For example, I got brave and asked a bunch of fellow mommies who live on my street out for coffee and dessert! And we went out on Thursday night! It was great fun to get to know these cool mamas a little better. And we're planning to get together again, so yay!

I asked my hubby to put Flanna to bed so I could go for a nice long walk on Tuesday. He didn't mind at all, and I got some good exercise and time in nature--both of which improved my mood!

When I couldn't find a sitter so my hubby and I could attend a friend's graduation, I got brave and asked a friend if she would mind if Flanna came to her house for a playdate this morning sans parents. She didn't mind at all, and Flannery had the best time ever! How wonderful!

Tonight, I was feeling stressed, so I asked my wonderful hubby once again if I could have some time to myself. He got Flannery ready for bed while I strolled the aisles of Target and Ross. Ahhh, the aimless wandering I love so much. (It wasn't actually as enjoyable as a good walk outside, though, so I might have to start trading my Target trips for East Campus exercise trips more often. But, hey, that will be good for my hips and my budget!)

It was often uncomfortable for me to be bold enough to ask for what I wanted, but I pushed through the awkwardness of it, and was pleased to find out that people are generally very accommodating once you let them know what you need.

What do you want or need that you're uncomfortable about requesting? And what makes us uncomfortable asking for what we want, anyway? Is it that we don't want to ask for help because it would make us seem weak? Or that we don't want to inconvenience other people? Or that it's hard to figure out exactly what we want in the first place, much less ask for it?

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