Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Friends Rock

As you can see, we had quite a day today. Flanna's BFF from school came over for a playdate. We spiffed up our pool from last summer, which was in amazingly good shape! (hooray for garages!) And then we spent most of the afternoon outside hanging with the neighbors. I love those all day outside kind of days! The kids even had their snacks outside--a spontaneous picnic. And we moms sipped iced tea and, later, iced coffee. It was such a treat!

And the best part was getting to watch Flanna with her three little friends, while I got to chat with my neighbor friend of my own.

All in all, I'd rate this day as stellar.

Friends do that. You know, make things stellar.

By the way, I'm really enjoying this blog about friendship. Being kinda new in a new town, and anticipating moving again in a year or so really makes me appreciate the gift of good friends.

Are you intimidated by the thought of making new friends? If you had to move and leave your best friends behind, would you actively search out new friendships, or just try to let them develop naturally?


  1. I have spent the same kind of day with my children and friends and I have to say they were some of the best days of my life. Stellar as you say! And when I move again, which will be soon, I will look for friends as I always them out in every age, size, type and hope that I find a few!

  2. Nope, 'naturally' only works if I'm regularly with people like you are a student or a full time job that deals with people, lots of them, many types, all day long.

    Luckily it comes 'naturally' to me in that I don't waste time getting out to meet people and I'm used to it because I moved and changed schools sooo many times growing up.

  3. But being used to it doesn't make it suck any less than when you have deep, established friendships.

  4. Mom, I'm sure you'll find friends wherever you go! And Laura, I agree that "naturally" doesn't really work as well when you're not in college or in a job where you see the same people regularly. It's hard work to make new friends, but it's so important to our overall happiness, I think!