Friday, May 28, 2010

We're Gonna Try It!

Wish us luck!

We're going to brave the rain and hope for sunny skies. Our first camping adventure since Flanna was born! Woohoo!

What are you doing for this Memorial Day Weekend? Hope it brings you happiness!


  1. I was reading some religious inspirational self-help type book that I probably found at my parents house and it was talking about families that stay together.
    It really talked up these studies they did that found reasons why people stay together, for a few paragraphs, and I was all prepared to hear 'they eat dinner together' and instead they said 'they camp'! The families that camp together stay together.
    I think it makes sense because people are in touch with nature, not spending tons of money on fancy vacations and then fighting over debt and stress of being financially strapped. The kids are out in nature and learn stuff, and you kind of have to simultaneously rely on each other and put up with each other.

    Aww, I'm glad you guys are camping.

    My sister's family has done it. I LOVE THEIR STORIES. Especially when the kids were really little, like one was a baby. In fact I think I'll repost one of the funnier ones on my blog.

    I myself have only camped one night in my life. Our family also didn't eat together. So there you go, we're not together. :(
    But a happy blog is no place for such thoughts....

  2. I think a happiness blog is just the place for such thoughts, girlie! We have to deal with the hard stuff to get to the happy stuff, I think. And how interesting about the camping study! I'll have to google that! Hope you're having a great weekend!