Monday, May 10, 2010

Grow Each Day

One of the major things I've learned about myself during my little happiness project so far is that, for me to be happy, I have to be growing in some way at all times. You know, like learning Spanish, or exercising more, or learning about gardening. Right now I'm on an herb garden streak, so forgive me the zillions of photos I'm posting today if you're not at all interested in plants.

Our basil that we started from seed is now all grown up! And it graduated to a bigger planter this weekend. The cutest planter ever, if I do say so myself. Which I do! I used some for homemade bruschetta today. Yum!

Our marjoram is also growing to be gorgeous. I still haven't used any yet, though. Maybe I'll put it in my pasta tomorrow. Ideas?

We started some new basil and oregano seeds in our windowsill this weekend. Flannery has dutifully (over)watered them every day. And I love that she has crazy bed head in the watering picture. It's kinda endearing.

The roses are my neighbors' bushes, but I just had to share them! So beautiful!

The herb "garden" now consists of: basil, cilantro, rosemary, mint, chives, & marjoram. I'm also trying to grow some peppers and tomatoes. I had no luck with starting my strawberries from root bunches. I've been faithfully watering a planter full of soil and rootlets for 2 weeks now, and I'm rather disappointed. Apparently there must be a trick to that. A very secret trick. Oh, well.

In what area are you currently "growing", and is it boosting your happiness? Or, if you're not growing right now, what area of your life might you think about "growing" in?


  1. I had a Bottle Brush that I pruned, nurtured and trained into a fabulous tree. It had gotten big enough to be called a shade tree, covered in fabulous red brushes it was my pride and joy. Over this past winter, coldest in 20 years, it died. I was not there to protect it, if I even could.
    As a child my mother had a bottle brush tree she loved. My mother's yard was truly luxurious, colorful, well tended. I have yet to reach her standards but thought I was well on my way with my bottle brush tree, all I needed was the time to make it happen. So, it was more than just sad for me to lose it. It was part of my mother's dream that I now held as my own. I feel so blessed to have her alive in my heart and for that to manifest through the life of things I plant that she taught me to love.
    So I bought a small Bottle brush shrub, the only one I could find, knee high but with a few brushes. I planted it with the vegetables, by the fence. For some reason, I still felt defeated even with the new bottle brush (the remains of the dead tree are still there).
    But the other day I was again at the garden center and they had 6 bigger bottle brushes so I bought another, called it my Mother's day gift, took it home, trimmed and planted it in the front yard by the walk. I don't know why but this tree revived my optimism and I know that one day it will shade the walk and brighten not just my house but the lovely little neighborhood we live in. Thanks mom! Thanks TJ!

  2. Cool! I'm glad you treated yourself to the bigger one! i hope it takes root and thrives!