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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Work Hard to Make a Connection

Sometimes it's hard work to connect with other people.

Seriously, I have a best friend who lives in California (She gave my daughter the humongous pink horse in the photo, which you can see my dog, Padme, loves as well!), and I am absolutely horrible at connecting with her, even though I think about her about every day. I use our different time zones as an excuse, and it really does present a challenge. But, really, how hard is it to e-mail? Apparently, very.


Anyway, today I'm remembering to focus on my Happiness Commandment #5: Work Hard to Make a Connection.

When we care about other people, it's not enough to just care. If we want to be happy in those relationships, we've got to do the hard work of keeping the relationships strong.

So, today I called my mom...which made me immensely happy. And last weekend I called my mother in law, which (surprise surprise!) also made me happier! (I'm soooo lucky to have a super sweet mother in law who has never seemed judgmental or overbearing as long as I've known her!) And I'm sending a package to my sister!

And in a minute, I'm actually going to send an e-mail to my L.A. friend! (Gasp!)

I know! She's going to be shocked!

And hopefully pleased. Which will make me pretty darn happy.

What cherished relationship have you let slide in the "connection" department? Go forth and reconnect! :)


  1. You send me emails all the time with awesome pictures, keeping me up to date! You send me 5 cards in the mail to every 1 card I send you, AND you have a family and a stressful job! I think this calls for Happiness Commandment #3: "Do what needs to be done." So, take it to heart, give Flanna-banana a hug, and don't worry about me!!! I read somewhere that if you can go for a long time without seeing someone and still pick up where you left off as if the time never passed, that was the sign of a good friend. Making US the best of! :-) But I do think about you every day and how amazing you are, everyone around me knows who you are in my life and how much you mean to me. It would be a crying shame if you didn't know it too. ;-)