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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Be Ridiculous

It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridic- ulous that you realize just how much you love them.
--Agatha Christie

My happiness commandment #4 is "Have Fun." Other ways I remember that commandment are:

"Be silly."
"Make jokes."
"Lighten up."

Anyway, after finding this quote, maybe I'll start telling myself, "Be ridiculous." more often.

It made me smile to think back on little moments of ridiculous-ness that make me love my friends and family. Here are some that I hope my friends and family won't mind me sharing!

Robi racing an ostrich at the zoo.
Kelley with curlers in her hair (in public!) before homecoming
Alex doing karaoke.
Dana with paint on her hands, jacket, shirt…everywhere.
My mom dressed up for Halloween to pass out candy.
Rachel wiggling her teeth.
My 6’2’’ dad sitting at the kiddie table coloring with my niece.
Padme (our dog) standing on her hind legs begging for food.
Rachel by the naked man art at her baby shower.
Mema letting Flannery squeeze her face while she kisses her.
Julie getting flour all over her making the cake for Christy's wedding shower.
My sister sleeping on the edge of her bed to make room for her huge dog.
My mother-in-law sliding down the kiddie slide at the bouncing place with the kiddos.
Robi and Shaun dressed as chefs on junior prom night.
Randi walking in her garden dressed as a cat.
My mom dancing to music while she cleaned the house when I was growing up.
Kelley playing ring around-the-rosie at Chili’s with the princess-dress-up girls.
A mom of one of my clients bouncing on the trampoline with her kiddo.
Holly & Christy pretending to be articulating arytenoid cartilage during one of our study sessions.
My brother-in-law enthusiastically hunting Easter eggs at 20 years of age.
So many adults wearing pointy birthday hats at my daughter’s birthday party.
Kelley after getting her hair done by my niece.

What ridiculous thing will you be remembered (and loved!) for?


  1. Hahaha, well, 1 - the rollers pic was in the yearbook, so I can't be embarrassed more than that. 2 - why do so many of the ridiculous things I do involve hair? 3 - your taking off your shoes and socks before us all pushing my mustang out of the creek definitely makes my list. But technically speaking, that was you being smart than all of us and not ridiculous. Oops.

  2. Oh, I had forgotten that the pic was in the yearbook. Too funny! And yes, the mustang memory is really the best. Soooo cold!