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Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm ba-ack! With songs!

Yay, I'm back from my internet hiatus!

It's really funny to me that I actually missed blogging! I really did! I kept noticing things that were interesting, and jotting myself a note to write about them when I was back home. More on that in the coming week!

For today, I wanted to share with you some music artists who make me happy. I was thinking of this as we were driving back from our vacation. We stopped to eat at a Moe's along the way, and it was actually nice enough to sit outside in the sunshine as we ate. While we were waiting on our food, Flanna heard a song on their radio, and just had to get up from the table and dance to it. (The pic is taken at that Moe's, by the way!) It was such a neat moment, that the music just forced her into a happy mood, so happy that she had to dance!

Music does that to me, too. But I'm old now, so I don't usually jump up and dance to it. I do smile, though, and maybe tap my foot. Music can really lift me out of a dark mood.

Also, I think good music boosts my productivity. I'm sooo much more productive with Pandora playing in the background as I work. Good music also occupies my brain so that I don't get sleepy while I'm driving, and sometimes makes me drive too fast if I'm not careful!

Anyway, here's my list of artists that make me happy. Check them out if you're interested!

1. The Weepies - Contrary to their sad name, this husband-wife duo sing happy folky pop with lots of harmonies and thoughtful lyrics. Their album, "Hideaway" is one of my favorites.
2. Elizabeth Mitchell - Yes, I know this is a kids' songs artist. But her acoustic "You are my Sunshine" album is something I love to listen to, even when Flannery's not around.
3. Counting Crows - I have no idea why these guys make me happy, when their music can be melancholy. But they do.
4. Great Lake Swimmers - So peaceful! Beautiful stuff.
5. The Indigo Girls - The perfect driving music. And singing music. You know, with the windows down and the wind making your hair all crazy.
6. Mates of State - They push the limits of what two musicians are capable of doing. You'll never believe it's just the two of them making all that gorgeous racket. Spot-on harmonies. And they're married and have a little girl named Magnolia. Doesn't get much happier than that.

There are way more artists that I really love and would highly recommend, but not all of my favorite artists make me happy. Joni Mitchell, for example, is probably my all-time favorite recording artist, but she makes me sad. In a good way. Like how the Cranberries were the perfect fit for the first time I ever got dumped by a boy. I still can't listen to them without feeling a twinge of teenage angst.

What songs or artists make you happy? Really, I'm getting stuck in a rut with music and would love suggestions!

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