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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Resolutions? What Resolutions?

2010 is slipping by at breakneck speed so far. Really, it just can’t be the last week of February already!

I had fully intended to do a monthly review of my progress on my happiness resolutions. But here we are two months into them. Hmph.

Better late than never?

Just to review, my happiness resolutions for 2010 are:

1. Learn Something: Read in Spanish at least 15 minutes 5 times per week.
2. Be social: Start a girls’ night by June.
3. Really listen: Interview at least 5 past clients about happiness amidst struggles.
4. Cut the chaos: Tidy up the house for 10 minutes each night, every night.
5. Exercise: Dance with Flannery on Mon, Wed, Fri afternoons.
6. Eat Well: Bring a lunch on Tues/Thurs.

And my progress on those goals (this is so like IEP/IFSP Progress Reporting that it’s making me laugh!) is:

1. Learn Something:
Yep, I’m pretty much doing this one! Yay! That’s probably because I just love Spanish and choose to do it long before I’d choose other stuff like, oh, say, laundry or cooking. Right now, I’m reading “Spanish Verbs for Dummies.” And as much as I thought I’d hate the whole “For Dummies” take on learning Spanish, I have to admit it’s been pretty enjoyable.

2. Be social:
Good thing I gave myself a lot of leeway on this one. The three women I’ve connected with so far in Durham seem to have completely opposite schedules than I do. But I’m holding out hope, because I really think hanging out with other women boosts my happiness really quickly.

3. Really listen:
Um, no progress yet. I haven’t been brave enough to bug my past clients. But I think their stories are so interesting that I should push through my discomfort. It can also be therapeutic to write or tell your own story, so maybe I should think of it that way. Okay. This one will happen.

4. Cut the Chaos:
My house has seen a pretty drastic change in its crazy mess level, so that’s been good. I can’t say I’ve cleaned up every night, but I’ve been more consistent about doing dishes and laundry, and I’ve decluttered a TON of stuff, thanks to my friend Dianne’s Clutter Therapy challenge. So, yes, we’re moving in the right direction here. Hooray!

5. Exercise:
This one has happened probably once a week instead of three times a week. But, hey, that’s progress.

6. Eat well:
The therapist in me wants to put “50% accuracy” here. ☺ When I plan ahead the night before, I do take a lunch and don’t eat a McDonald’s snack wrap in between clients. I’ve even managed to pack a thermos of coffee a few times. Which saves me money and keeps me from getting some calorie-rific latte from Starbucks so I can make it through the day. (Seriously, did you know a Vanilla Latte has 320 calories!!?!! Yikes!)

So, has my mediocrity inspired you yet? I haven't even kept all of my happiness resolutions very well, but I can still honestly report that I'm feeling happier so far in 2010 than I have in quite a while.

Here's to growth!

And not the kind that comes from my (darn-I-wish-I-didn't know-they-had) 320 calorie lattes!

What were your new year’s resolutions? How are you doing with them?

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