Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sometimes Fun Trumps Laundry

Last weekend, it was kind of cold and rainy, so my daughter and I were stuck in the house trying to find fun things to do. After we had baked something and painted (my usual stand-by ideas for fun), and when Flanna didn't want to play with play-dough (my other fall-back fun indoor activity), I had an idea to have an indoor egg hunt. We only had 12 plastic eggs, so the hunts went pretty quickly. I would hide them and then she would seek them, and then she'd hide them, and I'd seek them. I was surprised at some of the tricky hiding places she used!

And the cool thing about our day was that, even though I really needed to be doing my dishes and laundry, I made a conscious choice to choose fun. (It helps that this choice fits with my Happiness Commandment #4.) And it payed off in big happiness dividends.

Now, of course, I can't choose fun over laundry every day. But on days when I can, I feel like I'm actually living my priorities, instead of just "getting by." And that's a pretty nice feeling.

How did you live your priorities this week?

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