Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do What Needs to be Done

I'm working like crazy this week to try to prepare for a week off just after Easter. I'm seeing clients for extra visits, trying to get most of my meetings squared away ahead of time, and basically trying to catch up on everything before I leave for a bit, so that I'm not totally overwhelmed with work when I get back from our break.

It's funny, I thought that this week of crazy overscheduling and meetings and paperwork was going to make me stressed out. I mean, I've been staying up late into the night (or is it really the wee hours of the morning?...who knows!) to get paperwork done, and I've been filling my days with back to back therapy sessions as much as I can.

But it's actually a relief in a way, to get things checked off of my list ahead of time and not have as much waiting for me when I get back. Don't get me wrong...I still have a pretty hefty to-do list. But each little productive task I'm accomplishing this week has made me happy so far.

Tired. But happy.

Now, I'm off to another IEP meeting.

What will give you a wave of relief (and maybe a little happiness boost) if you can get it checked off of your list? (For me, it's getting my taxes sent off...but maybe I'll get to that this weekend!)

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