Thursday, March 18, 2010

Enjoy the Anticipation

In a few weeks, I'm going to visit my family & friends back home for Easter. And then we're heading to the beach for spring break!

I'm already getting ready for the fun times we're going to have. I bought my daughter some adorable sundresses for the beach. I bought my niece and my daughter cute matching dresses to wear while they hunt eggs. I've been digging out the beach toys we need to bring with us. I've been talking up all the fun things we'll do together while we're with family and friends to Flannery. I bought sunscreen. I've been looking through my closet for hats that have wide brims but don't make me look silly. (I hate to get sunburned, so I'm really careful at the beach!) I've been scoping out good treats to buy for filling Easter eggs for the great egg hunt we'll have at my in-laws' house.

All this might sound like a little much considering that I have 2 weeks until we leave for our trip. But, I know now that it's not just that I like to be prepared for things. I like anticipating fun. It makes me happy to think ahead about fun things. And doing little things to prepare for fun events is a good way to enjoy the anticipation.

Maybe that's what made the year I was engaged so magical...the anticipation of all the wedding fun. Or what made my sickly pregnancy so bearable...the anticipation of baby fun.

What happy times are you anticipating?

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