Thursday, March 4, 2010

Smile More

If you're as old as I am, you probably remember Allie McBeal's dance therapy, where she "acted happy" to improve her mood. Well, I've been trying something similar for a while now (ever since I posted an interview about Smiling When You Wake Up). When I'm feeling blue, I make myself smile, and, really, it does seem to help me feel better.

Last week, though, my daughter accidentally head-butted me by jumping up while I was leaning down to pick her up. And then I was unable to smile for about 4 days. My bruised, busted, swollen lower lip wouldn't allow it. A grimace was about all I could muster.

And for those few smile-less days, I was pretty darn blue.

Now, maybe it was because I looked kinda scary and asymmetrical. I actually felt kinda hideous. And you know, with the whole, "look good, feel good" thing I know about myself, I could understand being blue when I wasn't looking my best.

Anyhow, my smile-less few days were not happy.

So, now that my lip has healed (well, almost), I am appreciating my smile-ability! Today, I tried to smile while driving, while talking on the phone, while ordering my burrito at Taco Bell. Yup, I'm living it up with smiling. And it's made for a happy day!

By the way, here's a neat article about how smiling children make for happy marriage partners. Interesting stuff!

What made you smile today?

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