Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cotton Tails

My friend Nikki has taught me a lot about being a good mom. Like how to be a bold advocate for your child. And how to think big even in a small town. And how to be flexible when dreams go sour. But one of the small things she taught me, which has really made a difference in my life so far, is to treat your child's teachers well. She is so thoughtful to her children's teachers, and I'm always envious of the neat teacher gift ideas she comes up with.

So, I always think of her when holidays come up and I'm trying to come up with teacher gift ideas. This week, to celebrate Easter (or Pascha, as we call it in my church), Flannery and I made some cute bunny bags to hold some little gifts for her teachers. I think I must've seen this done at a preschool during one of my SLP internships or something, so I can't take all the credit for it. (Although I did add the cotton ball tails myself!) It's a really easy wrapping idea for spring.

You just take lunch-sized paper bags and, while they're still folded, you cut out a bunny silhouette. Then, you open them up, glue on buttons for eyes and a nose, glue on a cotton ball for the tail, and draw a little mouth. Flannery did lots of the steps herself (except for the cutting part. That would've been an ER visit for sure.). And when we were done, she said,

"These are so great, mom." Very matter-of-factly. And that made me pretty darn happy.

What lessons have some of your friends taught you about motherhood?

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