Monday, March 8, 2010

My Superpower: Red Ballet Flats

Even I don't wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.
--Cindy Crawford

Today I wore my cute red ballet flats to work. There’s something magical about those shoes. I feel so together when I wear them. Invincible even.

One of my coworkers today wore an amazing necklace with bright stones. When I complimented her on it, she said that she wore it today because she knew it was going to be a stressful day at work, so she wanted to wear a little comfort item that brings her joy. I really liked that way of thinking.

So maybe my adage of “look good, feel good,” is only partly true. Maybe it’s also that certain things you love to wear bring you cheer, or confidence, or comfort. My red shoes give me the feeling of being professional, confident, and still a bit fun.

Isn’t that why people keep mementos? They remind you of a happy time, or of someone you love, or bring back a feeling you once had. Maybe it should be that way with clothes, too.

I’ve been trying to declutter my closet, and I’ve been really strict with myself that I only keep clothes that I absolutely love. Knowing how the way I dress (and look) affects my happiness level has given me the courage to get rid of items that seem sensible but that I don’t really love like crazy. If I think to myself, “If I wear those pants that don’t fit just exactly right, it will make me feel less confident all day,” it helps me let the pants go to my goodwill bin without feeling guilty that I’m getting rid of perfectly good pants. My friend, Dianne, of the Clutter Free Journey, says we should only keep what we love, and “blow the rest away with a breath of kindness.”

I’m definitely keeping the red shoes.

What item in your wardrobe makes you feel more confident?


  1. Ah, yes, the red shoes I heard about. They are super-cute! But did you wake up in Georgia after clicking your heels? If so, please send online purchasing link asap. (I'm going to save soooo much on airfare and pet-cargo fees!)

  2. Oh, and also, here's my question about the whole clothing do the clothes that are not flattering get in our closets? I mean, I understand how they did when we were of the TJ&Kelley circa 1997 mind-set of "if it's under $5, you must buy it." (Thanks to that one cheap store in the Athens Mall, we had to buy TONS!)But really? How do they get there? Are there little bad taste elves that sneak these clothes in at night?

  3. No, I never did end up in GA. Too bad! And I agree about those ill-fitting clothes. I'm guessing it's stuff that I bought without trying on or stuff that used to fit when I was a different size. Crazy!