Friday, March 26, 2010

Look Back Once in a While

Every once in a while, I'm trying to post interviews with amazing and insightful people who inspire me! This week's focus is Dana. Dana is a fellow SLP working in early intervention in Georgia. She has 3 children and owns her own speech practice. She balances work & family seamlessly, so I was interested to hear her answers to my happiness questions. Here they are:

1. What's something small that you do regularly that makes you happy or cheers you up?

I look at home videos of my kids when they were babies. It really makes me appreciate how quickly they are growing and changing. Listening to their laughter or words makes me happy.

2. What would you like for your children to know about happiness?

Happiness is priceless. It costs nothing. Little things like sunny days can make you feel happy.

3. What do you do to keep yourself and your family happy amidst life's struggles?

Try to keep routines, like having dinner together. The routine of sitting down and talking about our day is something that we all look forward to.


I completely agree that looking back at videos of my daughter gives me a huge happiness boost. There's something about watching adorable memories unfold that puts the little stresses of life in perspective. Thanks, Dana, for your insights! (And by the way, the video at the top is of my little one's first steps! Enjoy the excitement!)

By the way, I really enjoyed this post from my friend Lauren, who writes the blog Sharing the Journey. Her idea about "treating yourself" one sense at a time each day of the week is something I'd like to try!

What memories make you happy?

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