Saturday, March 6, 2010

Listen to What You Like

Pandora is the best. Really, it is.

I have this saying that "Everything is better with Pandora."

And it really is!

Occasionally Flanna and I remember to bring my laptop into the bathroom during her bath time, and she's so much more amenable to suggestions like "scrub your chin" or "clean your ears" when music's playing. (She's at that stage where her first response is "no" or "I don't want to" to everything right now. Even though she usually does what you ask soon after.)

Pandora has taught me what I like and don't like in children's music. I like folk roots, acoustic sonority, major key tonality, vocal harmonies, and lots of guitar picking. I don't like Raffi. Sorry, I just don't. He creeps me out for some reason.

So here are my top picks for children's music. Basically, they all pretty much have the above listed qualities. And they're fun, too!

Top Picks for Children’s Music:

1. Elizabeth Mitchell – She's my all time favorite for kids' music. Her albums, “You are My Sunshine”, “You are My Little Bird” & “You are my Flower”, are all just wonderful. We own the first 2 albums and love them so.
2. Renee & Jeremy – I just love their song “Sleep My Love” on the album “It’s a Big World”
3. The Laurie Berkner Band – We own the album “Buzz Buzz”, and it's really fantastic fun.
4. Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth Mitchell – Who doesn't like Lisa Loeb? And her harmonies with E.M. are gorgeous. Their album “Catch the Moon” is niiiiice.
5. Kirra Willey - A great song is “Dance for the Sun” on the album of the same title. I like this one because it sings Yoga moves!

OK, that's all I've got. I tend to find a few artists I like and listen to them over and over. And over.

My husband just loves that about me. :)

What songs do you love best from your childhood?

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