Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Little Gift

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I've been doing a little planting lately. My window herb garden (see the pic?) is doing pretty well, which is really satisfying to me. And just as I was pondering what I wanted to plant outside once the rainy streak finally ends here, an amazing gift kinda dropped in my lap. My landlord, Edna, told me that what I had thought were abandoned flower pots on the back landing are actually communal herbs for everyone who lives in our house. There's some pretty established rosemary, some mint, and two things I'm not quite sure about. (Maybe thyme? I'm a newbie at this!) But Edna promised she'd explain it all to me soon. Yay!

Check out the lovely pic of the rosemary. Some days I'm amazed at how lucky I am.

Really, I'm kinda lucky.

I actually once got a fortune cookie that told me, "You will succeed at everything."

See? Lucky.

I mean, I met the perfect guy for me at 16. I ended up loving the job I naively chose as a teenager. I stumbled into a really cool assistantship in grad school that was amazingly perfect for my skills and interests. I accidentally got pregnant while tons of my friends struggle with infertility. My daughter was born healthy and strong, and continues to flourish and learn.

And now these cool herbs drop from the sky on my back steps.

What luck!

Perhaps I should go buy a lottery ticket.

How have you been lucky in your life?


  1. The trick is that you deserve the luck you "think" you have. (I debate "luck" because I know how hard you work for what you have.) But still, maybe there's something to that whole idea of karma. Fingers crossed.

  2. Well, thanks, girlie! I know, I hate to say "luck" sometimes, because it can sorta cheapen the idea of blessings from God. But I do think that occasionally there's just an element of luck or chance that plays into stuff. (hopefully not too much, since I like to be in control of, oh, say, everything. But still.)

  3. TJ please keep posting about your mini-gardening adventures, including pictures. I'm totally new to this too. We are involved with a community garden that has some herbs and I barely recognize any, I'm like the kids on Food Revolution who don't know what a tomato is!!! I do recognize rosemary, as in your picture. Darryl has several varieties of basil that he grows and I am slowly learning to recognize at least that their basil, partly by smell. I will try to share about my adventures on my blog too.