Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Partner Up: My Happiness Commandment #9

“Partner Up” is a happiness commandment that I use to remind myself that I am not an island. I need help sometimes, and partnering up is my term for asking for help.

When I was at a loss as to how to potty train my daughter, I needed to partner up with a buddy and see what worked for her kids. When I am going crazy at work trying to meet a thousand deadlines, I need to partner up with my hubby to figure out how to juggle the household chores that are not gonna get done by me that week. When I’m having a hard time figuring out how to motivate a client, I need to partner up with their parents or a colleague to get someone else’s insight or just to help me think through the problem.

I find that short phrases work well to motivate me, and “Partner Up” sounds better than “ask for help”, which frankly makes me feel like a loser. Some people say that they tell themselves to “Power through,” or “Just do it,” or “Be strong.” I remember when I lived in the frigid arctic (a.k.a. Boston) and I was trying to lug in groceries up four flights of stairs with no elevator all the way from where I parked our car four blocks away in the snow, I would tell myself, “You will succeed at everything!,” a phrase that was in a fortune cookie I got one time. That phrase helped me muster the strength to do what needed to be done.

So maybe “Partner Up” will never be as famous as “Just do it,” and will never appear in a gazillion shoe and athletic drink commercials, but I think it’s a pretty good personal commandment.

At the very least, it deserves the chance to be in a fortune cookie. You know, in one of those non-fortune fortune cookies that really just state a proverb or tell you to smile.

On second thought, then someone would just say, “Partner up…in bed,” and the wisdom would be lost. Although, “Just do it…in bed,” is pretty funny, too, and that is actually a pretty wise phrase (the just do it part, I mean!). Although I guess keeping your romance alive is also wise. Okay, this post is spiraling out of control.

So Partner Up when you're feeling overwhelmed! And then order Chinese, and keep your eyes peeled for wisdom.

What short phrases stick with you when you need motivation?

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