Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reflect on the Good Stuff

Today I'm reflecting on the good stuff that happened in the past year. Here's my list so far:

1. My husband graduated with his Ph.D.!
2. My husband got a really cool post-doc position
3. I learned a lot of Spanish!
4. Our daughter turned 3!
5. Our daughter started a morning preschool program that we ALL really love.
6. I got to go to Disney and the beach with my family!
7. My niece officially got adopted, finally!
8. We somehow managed to move in next to the BEST neighbors in the world!
9. We got to spend extended time with our extended family at both Thanksgiving and Xmas.
10. Our dog Padme turned out not to have cancer, after a strange tumor scare.

What wonderful and amazing things happened in your life this past year?


  1. Hi Tj, I made my own list on my blog.

    I also linked your blog on my facebook, hope that's ok.
    Cheers, I like this post.

  2. Thanks, Laura! I'm going to check out your blog and your list!