Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Paperwork makes me...happy?

I've started thinking about my personal "Happiness Commandments", and one of the first ones I have adopted is, "Do what needs to be done."

This happiness commandment is brilliant.

I can say that, because I didn’t think of it, happiness guru Gretchen Rubin did.

It seems so simple, but it’s probably the commandment I have said to myself more than any of the others in the past week. It works for all those things I don’t like to do but feel much better after having done. Laundry is the main one that comes to mind for me, but this also includes doing dishes, filing paperwork, writing reports, mopping, checking voice/e-mail—I’m sure you get the idea! In the moment, these things do not bring me happiness (and actually often bring me stress!), but after the fact, it is such a weight off of my shoulders that I (almost) forget the drudgery it took to get the task over and done with.

Speaking of which, I just finished an evaluation report that took me 3 hours to write...ugh! I hated every second of writing the report, but now, I can feel relaxed rather than tense as I blog. I DO feel a little happier after doing what needed to be done.

And tired. So now, off to bed.

What tasks that you hate bring you the most relief (and even happiness!) once completed?

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