Sunday, December 6, 2009

Be in the Moment

I’m all too often preoccupied with thoughts about the millions of things I need to do later while I’m actually doing something, that I forget to take in the “now." I miss subtle and beautiful moments this way.

Just the other day, I was writing my session note at the end of a speech visit, speaking with a mom, and looking at my calendar for the upcoming week all at the same time, when a little client leaned in to hug me, and I didn’t notice!

Yikes! ! !

Yes, this planning and writing and chatting needed to happen, but I still need to be aware of the people right in front of me!

So, I've made a personal commandment to Be in the Moment more in the next year. When I can make it happen, it has definitely made me happy! For instance, over the holiday, my sister, husband, and I took my daughter and niece and some friends to a little zoo, and we had the coolest experience. After looking at a marmoset exhibit, and on the way to see some horses, the girls all found dandelions growing along the path, and 4 adorable girls simultaneously blew tons of those little puffy wisps everywhere while making wishes.

That was some moment. Happiness all around.

And we could've missed it if we hadn't paused for a moment along our way.

What distracts you the most from being in the moment?

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